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Pina Colada Oil, Essential Oils

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Pina Colada Oil, Essential Oils

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Pina Colada- Tropical  Pineapple and coconut blend. 

 Carrier oil is locally grown olive oil picked right from the orchard.  40 acres in Lincoln CA, 250 acres in Corning CA, and 1000 acres in Spain.  Olive oil has the smallest molecule so it goes directly into the skin and the hair shaft.  

THE 2 OZ BOTTLE WILL GO ON THE PLANE if traveling! Olive oil is an anti-inflammatory!

Can also be used in the tub to soak. (Wash out tub so there is no slipping & sliding) INGREDIENTS INCLUDE: OLIVE  OIL, CINNAMON  LEAF, ESSENTIAL AND FRAGRANT OILS. A drop goes a long way!


HAIR: Leave in moisturizer. Use with styling aids before blow drying.  Flat iron, add to hair color one drop per ounce.  Adds shine to hair, brings out highlights, adds body to fine hair. Put a drop in your hands and rub through the hair. Use on wet or dry hair. 

SKIN: Penetrates completely into skin. Doesn't leave a residue when touching paper. Keeps hands from drying out from soap. Use after the shower instead of lotion. Puts elasticity back into the skin.   


NAILS: Puts moisture back into the cuticles and nails.  Makes nails shine.  Will make nails stronger and keep from splitting.  My Recipe: add 2 drops of Royal Oil to lotion NOT CONTAINING MINERAL OIL in a bowl, microwave 5- 10 seconds just to warm and soak fingers for 5 minutes.  Massage into fingers. Put the rest on elbows & feet.

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