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Eucalyptus Botanical Candle

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The scent. This upscale scent opens with cooling notes of cypress. Middle notes of mossy woods and rich undertones of fir complete the aroma experience. Cypress + Fir brings the ambience of the pristine evergreen woods into your home.

Naturally decorative candles. Inspired by natural elements, the Botanical Candle line features a minimalistic and uniquely elegant look. Natural Kraft paper labels portrait hand-drawn botanical designs. The amber glass jar amplifies the candle flame to create a magical light, reminiscent to golden hour and the matte black lid completes the tasteful look of natural simplicity.

Candle Size. Each candle is made of 8oz of natural wax with an approximate burn time of 40-60 hours. The jar has a diameter of 2.9" and is 3.5" tall

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