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Your Inspiration For A New Spring Look

Inspiration For A New Spring Look

Let's get some lemonade and settle back on my front porch! Winter's waving its final farewell, and I'm dreaming of spring! How about you? Are you longing for sunlit days, greening trees, and flower bulbs pushing their way through the darkness? Today's blog will fill you with some springtime inspiration to refresh your home living spaces and help you to imagine some new looks and colors in your spring home decorating as well as some light and airy fashions from my boutique that turn up your glow! It's time for you to take a few moments to relax and be inspired, because the best life is a life lived beautiful from the inside out!

A Springtime Welcome Begins With Flowers

Put your feet up and breathe in some fresh air. I'm inviting spring with this vintage container filled up with some new spring plants. Notice how the purple velvety leaves of the plant in the back of the container provide the perfect color pop for the greenery in front and the red cushions on my wicker furniture. Purple is one of spring's fabulous colors! As you begin to fill your outdoor/indoor pots with spring plantings, be sure to add pops of purple. It's dynamic and mimics spring's glorious range of colors.

A vintage way to add your pops of purple color, is to use pansies in your springtime welcome! In many parts of the country they last until June, and are one of the happiest flowers in the garden's blooming treasures. 

 Lavender is another great color pop for purple in springtime and summer as well. I found this vintage lavender in front of a white picket fence in St. Augustine, FL. As you begin to plan your springtime welcome, just as you have a personality, so does each flower. Pansies grow in a fairly tight bunch and have a more manicured appeal. Notice how the blooms of this lavender grow up and tall-in a freestyle form. Your garden, walkway, pots on the porch and in your home will tell a story and be a signature expression of you. Choose one style, or mix them together. For instance, with these two styles, if you choose to mix them, place the lavender in the back and the pansies in the front of a pot or gardening vignette. 

Our Favorite Front Porch Spring Welcome

This month, standing at the edge of picket fences and nostalgic homes, I found some dream worthy styled front porches to welcome spring. We can often get inspired looking at different homes....noting details we like of the landscaping, color, design, welcome aspect etc. Sometimes we can take the exact idea, or it provides a "launching space" for our own idea to apply in the home in which we live. Get ready to dust off the cobwebs of your front porch and be ready to get inspired. Here's my favorite front porch find on a cozy cottage!

I love the earthy base of colors in this front porch welcome. Spring has an abiding affection for the two main colors, green and orange. It's a stylish blend of nature's spring green and the sky's dynamic color pop of orange in sunrise and sunset. Pair these two colors on your porch, living space or any room of your home whether in accents, decor, furniture or go bold with the colors! 

Love At First Sight

Every time I meet spring, it's love at first sight! These are some of the classic and cottage style homes I met this month...and it was love at first sight! They inspired me to do some rearranging in my own home. When spring love fever hits, the cheapest thing you can do to freshen up your home, is to rearrange the room(s) or even defined spaces...such as shelves, a corner, or a wall grouping. Let the inspiration bloom in you as you travel with me through these pictures into neighborhoods, down sidewalks, and onto the porches of these nostalgic homes.

 Springs Gives Us The Colors of Sun-Soaked Days 

If you're wondering what colors to add to freshen up for spring, just look at the colors that spring brings us! One of her favorites is the color of sun-soaked days! Birds build nests in the spring, and it's no wonder that we get ready to do some freshen-up "nesting" in the springtime as well.

 Take spring's cue and add a touch of yellow to your living space...whether outdoor or indoor. A quick and easy way to give your space a new look, that isn't permanent or expensive, is with new throw pillows. Feather your nest with my new throw pillows!  I've put together some great spring pillows to wake up your room with a new outlook. These Crazy About Daisies Throw Pillows  are bright and sunny, with a retro daisy design. They can be mixed and matched, and compliment your happiness lifestyle!

Glowing With Springtime's Light

I'm all about your glow inside and out! So, let's look at a few new spring fashions in the Lemons Plus Life Boutique. Light and airy, they are the perfect invitation to spring breezes and the casual relaxed style of spring. The spring accessories inspire every woman to live beautiful from the inside out. 

Making a Difference Together

Do you want to make a difference in the world this spring? I've designed an exclusive collection of fashion and accessories in order for us to make a difference together. Although I can't solve all of the pain in this world, I can do something. When an item is purchased from my exclusive fashion collection, the maker, who hand finishes it to completion, receives monetary compensation as well as literacy and math classes. With your shopping cart, the standard of living is raised for a family in third world poverty. Featured in this blog, is my "Love Heals" scarf. Gorgeous in it's graffiti vibe, it will compliment every solid color in your wardrobe and be a living message of the power of Love in our world today. Let's make a difference together today!

 Your Spring Look...Living Beautiful From The Inside Out

We've talked about your spring welcome and look beginning with flowers and the power of the color purple in your spring garden, rooms and decor. We sipped on the different personalities of flowers...from the manicured nature of pansies to the freestyle blooms of lavender...and how just as every flower has a personality-you do as well. How will you express that in your garden, porch and home this spring? Your home expresses your personality and tells a story...let it be yours. We looked at my favorite front porch welcome and the delightful pairing of green and orange in your home palette. We went on a tour together to get inspired by looking at vintage homes leading us down a path of nostalgia to dreams of creating anew in our own space. Remember that the least expensive way to create a brand new look in spring, is to simply rearrange a room...a corner...a shelf. We shared how the sunny color of yellow mimics spring and you got the first glance at my new Crazy for Daisies Throw Pillows. Looking through the Lemons Plus Life spring fashion arrivals you saw some breezy new possibilities for your spring wardrobe to light up your glow. We also have the chance to make a difference together with my new "Love Heals" scarf from my exclusive fashion design collection. 

What's the final ray of sunshine to light up your spring beginnings to live beautiful from the inside out? 

 Live each day in every color! Celebrate in every hue, because there will never be another you and another day like today!

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Sunshine and hugs,