Beautiful From The Inside Out

Your Autumn Table

Hello friend,

You can make any table look gathering ready with some of these simple ideas! There’s no better time to bring earth’s treasures to your table. Make it festive, inviting, full of charm, elegant, or an earthy reminder of simple gifts. 

 What I love about this place setting isn’t just the neutral mix of naturals, but I love the greenery, with leather wrapped around it, and the cinnamon sticks! 

You could also use a jute string to gather it all together. The greenery could be an evergreen, fern, or even an herb, like Rosemary, for a fragrant invitation to the coming meal. 

My very fave part is that you could take the cinnamon, as pictured here, and sprinkle it on your white tableware for added presentation! That’s the exclamation detail on this idea! And it’s so autumn or Holiday fragrant!

Notice the pine cone, cream pillar candles, and cinnamon, in the oblong centerpiece tray, behind the place setting. It’s full of simple gifts that bring chic and cozy to the table focal point. Use one of our trays, from the boutique, to add your candles, cinnamon, and pine cones to it. 

Falling for this idea of using a checkered, gingham, or Buffalo Check napkin at each place setting. A gold, fall leaf is added to the string tied gathering of silverware, topped with a small pastry. You could also top it with  a small pine cone, small cluster of grapes, a larger acorn, or small, autumn feathered craft bird. The ideas are endless to create that small, WOW detail on top of the gathered silverware! 

 Simple. Elegant. In white or cream. With touches of nature’s brown in leaf, acorns and berries. The cream pumpkins add such a serene touch. I’ve often wondered if this is the way to cool down any family drama at the fall table. It’s so soothing and tranquil. Maybe your guests will be too?!?!

 Name tags for place settings on the pumpkin stem. Love! And it’s just soooo easy!

Everything doesn’t have to be in autumn colors! Notice how the white plates pop, and the natural energy the artful, green stems give, placed in a carefree manner, on each plate. 

That stemware stored away...get it out! Beautiful, meaningful, family heirlooms, and vintage stemware bring the WOW to any table gathering all year round. The kids feel all fancy! The adults notice the meaning, the elegance, and the charm. 

Layering brings its own special kind of charm. I love the cottage vibes this layering has with the varied china patterns nesting upon one another, and  the cream pumpkin is the season’s topping. 

You could use this idea in every season...even using different china each time to create the place settings, and even have different china at each place setting. 

Layering saves space on your table. Varying the patterns, colors, shapes and sizes in your layering creates a chic, cozy feel because it avoids too much symmetry.

I hope this gives you a few more ideas and tips for your autumn table in creating a warmth that has your signature on it!

Something to think about:

Trees are fearless. Nature’s wisdom to ponder. 

Happy tablescaping!

Nan Xoxo