Beautiful From The Inside Out

Winter White Decor. Serene Charm.

Winter White Decor. Serene Charm.

A new season begins, and it’s a great time to clean out the clutter and simplify. A quick way to do that is to decorate with winter whites, cream and neutrals. Think about different textures as well. They bring the simple charm of natural colors their serene energy. 

 Create a space just to relax. Even if it’s just a corner. Winter’s cloudy skies and long, cold days give you a great excuse to restore from within. Along with winter whites, naturals and a variety of textures, add some fresh white florals with a touch of simple greenery

I’ve also added fresh flower pots filled with white blooms of hydrangeas! It’s refreshing and bright!

Think creatively as well. One can add succulents to cream containers as pictured here. Look at containers you have with fresh eyes. A vintage cream pitcher or pot are often artistic enough in their own to add to a corner vignette or to fill with fresh or silk white blooms as a statement piece. 

 There’s something about simplifying your home palette that puts your priorities in order. 

I hope that you’ll savor the wonder in every moment! Whether it’s the magical intricacy of a falling snowflake or sunlight that glances through the bare limbs of a tree.

Breathe in winter’s calm, my friend,