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Hello my friend!

i can’t tell you how thrilled I am to meet you here! Welcome to Lemons Plus Life! I hope you’ll find helpful tips here, on the blog, about living beautiful from the inside out in your home and lifestyle! 

This Welcome Blog will give you a few helpful tips about home decor and decorating, as well as adding to your happiness lifestyle. 

It matters what you surround yourself with in your home and life. You’ll notice that many of the products I create, or curate, are designed to help you tend your soul. Home should be your haven, even if it’s only a corner you create, where you intentionally care for your inner well-bring. Yes, you matter that much. Over your schedule, your work, the kids...even your hopes and dreams. 

When I designed this pillowcase for the boutique, I made sure I ordered one for myself!!!! Oh, the Zzzzzz’s. 

Always add something to a room that’s a surprise. Something that catches the eye that one wouldn’t expect. Here’s a few examples:

This throw pillow is one of my new designs in the boutique and a bestseller! These 16 X 16 pillows are totally washable and wrinkle resistant! And they bring out a chuckle every time! 

Who would expect creative shelving like this? Or make it simple, by adding something one might expect in a different shape, place or color. The quickest room re-do comes with throw pillows on a sofa, or a throw at the end of a bed, a tapestry on a wall, a statement shower curtain for the bath, or a canvas print or art print you might build a room around. Here’s some examples:

In a room of all naturals, this mustard print throw is a sunny surprise and burst of serene energy! 

This typography art print, available in the boutique, is so popular! It’s one of my favorite art prints I’ve created. Wildflowers are such an expression of freedom, and the inspiring script fits the art perfectly! It’s so easy on the budget. Offered as an 11X 14 print, and ready for you to frame, it’s only $19.99!

 Whether you want to build a room around a print or canvas, or add it as an exclamation mark on a space, we have a growing line of wall art that both inspires your life and adds beauty or wonder to your room. As an artist, I design these, creating graphics and typography, or with my photography art and painting.

Sometimes it takes a single piece to center and ground the room, to which everything else flows around.  Or sometimes, a room calls for smaller pieces, like a gallery wall of prints grouped together. Most importantly, whatever you add to your home, it should tell your story and express you, your family, and what you love or find inspiring! 

New to the boutique is my daisy art canvas. From small to large sizes, it just fills up a room with happiness! Imagine the world, if daisies grew to be trees! 

Never underestimate the power of fresh flowers in your home. That bouquet you can pick up at the grocery store, cut in your garden, twigs and branches you can gather from a tree, or single, large leaves from a’s worth your time. It’s an inexpensive way to renew a space for several days with so little effort. And it will make you smile and feel brand new!

Whether you drop a bouquet into a vase that’s full and overflowing like the above floral, or simple in design, below, with only a couple of stems...both design styles  have their own artistry and beauty.  

Take your bath from ordinary to an experience with one of our boutique shower curtains I’ve created and designed. The single, biggest change you can make to transform your bath decor is your shower curtain. 

When you’re decorating a space, and all else fails, or you have that not quite finished area, that needs a little something, or one more thing, baskets are your go to. They add interest and texture. They are a no fail. Plus, practical. You can use them to store stuff! The ones shown in these photos, from the boutique, are handmade in Bali by cottage artisans. 



When you are creating accents or vignettes in a space, think of arranging with odd numbers to avoid too much symmetry. There are three vases here. When you drop blooms in a vase, always use an odd number. If you are arranging items on a tray to create a vignette, think in terms of three. Example: a Candle,  a book, a small vase with a single stem flower. The flower would be the tallest height, the candle the middle height, and the book your lowest height. Varying your height creates interest and that cozy feeling you enjoy creating. 

This is one of my favorite trays in the boutique. Think about what you might arrange on it to tell your story. You might even add a photograph, candle and single stem in a vase. 

Just a few fun basic tips to help you in your living beautiful from the inside out lifestyle! I am truly thrilled you are here! 

Just one more thing. Stay connected here at Lemons Plus Life. We are better together. And the biggest change we can make, no matter the season we are in, is to live Grateful. Let’s start today. And if you’ve been doing that, well, let’s up our game. Together. 

From me. To you.

Nan Xoxo