Beautiful From The Inside Out

Decorating Corners-Vintage Wicker

Hello friend,

Fall has arrived! I’m filled with the realization that 2020 narrows to an end! What a year it’s been! Right?

A change of season always leaves me looking around at what I have...what can I re-do, refresh, or restore?

This vintage, wicker rocker is a favorite re-do! I’m a champion of refreshing what you already have!

The wicker rocker is now refreshed in paint of a blue and green mix, paint I already had sitting around. I also already had the seat cushion and pillow featuring turquoise coral. The only thing I added was the pink floral pillow from the boutique. 

I usually wouldn’t add such a complex mixture of patterns together, but these work perfectly! The simpler, coral pillow grounds it, with the pink floral pillow taking center stage on the complimenting colors of the chair cushion. 

Corners in your home are hidden gems; we sometimes forget to make the most of them! Now living in Hawaii, I’ve created this corner with an ocean theme to relax and feel the trade winds blowing through fall’s open windows. Your corner space may be filled with plaids and cozy, earthy these pillows from the boutique. 
No matter where one may live, the fall season begs for decorative blankets and begins snuggle season. I love these new arrivals in the boutique, of artisan crafted blankets, handmade on a New Jersey Farm.

These first weeks of September, look around your the corners. Have you made the most of them? Sometimes, with the slightest shift in furniture, and decor you already have, you can create a “feels like new” space! Corners are small, and it takes less to make them your “perfect” new, little space! Much less daunting than an entire room!

New ideas for a new season! Here’s to creating corners!

Happy autumn beginnings,

Nan Xoxo