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Summer Daze & Decorating Ways

Summer Daze

By now your summer is off to warm days full of adventure! I don't know about you, but I love everything about summer. From the warmth of dawn when the birds are singing to the night chorus of cicadas. I'm all in when it comes to summertime! 

Homes just seem to tell a special story in the summer! Lawns dressed in green and flowerbeds bursting with blooms, ivy that climbs and window baskets that gather up happy geraniums and sweet potato vines! This home caught my attention! From the stark black front door to the crisp white accents and dark green siding, with a classic style it still lends a charming welcome and shares a vintage story that includes the delight of bikes resting at the edge of the steps before the next great adventure. It's the kind of curb appeal that makes a passerby say, "I'd love to live there."

What story glows from your home this summer? I've become absolutely delighted with bringing naturals into my home decor.

After several walks through a forest near me, I had gathered up lots of big pine cones. They were too gorgeous to ignore. From their color, to texture, shape, and size I wanted to create something special; a nature inspired tabletop arrangement. 

I love this little setting! It's a great DIY! From the large wooden "tray", pine cones and terrarium accent, it's a beautiful nature inspired table arrangement. Combined with the natural colors that surround it in the room as well as touches of green in plants and the blue stripes in the floor, it brings the outdoors inside with a simple chic charm and natural elegance. 

It's Wine O'Clock Somewhere...

Long summer evenings bring the luxury of chilled wine, longer conversations-romance and memories made on screened porches and outdoor living spaces. 

There's not a better moment to close your eyes and take it all in...perhaps pretending you're in the California Wine Country. 

Simply beautiful is the Melville Winery and Vineyards located in Santa Ynez Valley. Hosted in a Mediterranean-style villa beside the Santa Rita Hills, stepping from french doors beckoning to a large patio, you can sip on exquisite while you take in the view. 

Of course, I'll be imagining all this on my lanai, but I can imagine myself into this Old World story...can't you? 

I've made it easy for you to sink back into comfy with your glass of wine...and simply you settle against my mix and match watercolor vineyard pillows! These are a gorgeous 16 X 16, wrinkle resistant and totally washable throw pillows.

 I'm also having a summer romance with our Old World Vineyard Watercolor Tapestries in Medium and Large size. These are absolutely gorgeous and take center stage in both your vintage space and modern decor.

Driftwood DIY

Long walks on the beach in the summer often mean gathering up driftwood. From the Pacific Northwest, to the East Coast and even certain beaches in Florida, driftwood shares a summer artistry of its own.

Two of my favorite ways I've seen it celebrated are artfully hanging it on an inside or outside wall as well as using it like a curtain rod. But, then the tide brought in this idea, and I can't wait to try it!

 Creatively using the driftwood as part of your lighting! You can even simplify this, and use a short string of Edison lights to create your own signature piece to always remember the memories made along a seashore or coastline this summer.

Summer Inspiration


 There's no better time than summer to curl up with your favorite book on a bed, hammock or while floating in a pool! Add a glass of wine, and breathe in the unhurried aroma of summer days. 

My favorite little summer book to suggest that will inspire and delight you is my newest E-book "Water to Wine" available on Barnes & Noble as well as iTunes.

Don't Forget Yourself!

 While the flowers bloom, the children play, the days are longer, and summer nights linger...almost like a fairy's easy to There's something about this picture. Why would a foreground of white blooms with a small red cabin perched on a green hillside make your heart melt? It's the picture of a moment to take a breath, a place of peace, where serenity and quiet are perched atop a grassy knoll...and why wouldn't your heart want to linger there. You've been going non-stop. Don't forget "you" in these long summer days. So much healing happens under sunny skies, forgiveness finds its path, peace whispers welcome and rest awaits you. 

I know you don't want to miss a moment...but of the best parts of summer is that nap you sneak in...between the towering oak and tall green pine...on your own "hammock" of escape...

Take a nap, drink lemonade, take off your shoes when no one is looking, splash around in water, take pictures without anyone posing and stand under the stars with gratefulness in your heart.

Make it the best summer ever,