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Freshen Up For Spring

Freshen Up For Spring

Spring has arrived in her vibrant wardrobe of color and charm! If you're wondering what colors to choose for a spring refresh in your home or wardrobe or how to lift your spirits and turn up your glow now that spring has turned on all of her charms...just look outdoors. Take your color cues from the hues of blue skies, spring gardens of red, yellow, purple, orange, greens and renew your mind and spirit by spending some time outdoors. 

Begin your spring styling from your sidewalk to your front porch. Give yourself a great attitude boost and beautify your lifestyle by starting spring with refreshing and decorating your porch, deck or outdoor living spaces.

Porch Hopping

I've gone porch hoppin' to bring you some inspiration. Vintage homes always supply a bountiful welcome and lend creative ideas for outdoor gatherings on your own front porch or outdoor living space. Here's some of my favorites this spring...

I love the gathering space created on this vintage front porch! Every color pops on the white background and the cobalt to navy blue hue painted on the woodwork around the front door and window lends the dramatic touch for the pastel greens and turquoise of the gathered chairs. Topped off with accents of potted plants, this is a vibrant yet serene welcome to the neighborhood and friends to enjoy springtime breezes. 

From the third story fish scale siding to the home's clapboard siding, this vintage home turns up all the spring charm to welcome in a new season! The green palette mimics springs signature color and provides a serene backdrop for the accents and white wicker furniture on the front porch as well as the dark green wood flooring of the porch. Whether used outdoors or on the walls of an indoor room, this soft green is like a breath of fresh air in a home because it mirrors a signature color in nature. And notice the fresh bark in the flower beds. Nothing makes your flower beds look more polished and complete than adding fresh bark around your plantings and pots.


Add accent pieces to your home living spaces, inside and outside, that tell your story or express your life. This sign "Simplify" gives us a glance into the heart of this home and the family living here. The white wicker pops on this dark green flooring and against the soft green clapboard walls, but whatever outdoor furniture you add to your signature space, complete it with comfy pillows that not only match your color scheme but offer their own welcome of comfort and long, breezy spring conversations. 

I've never seen anything that wasn't more beautiful and more welcoming when flowers and plants were added to it! This front door welcome features pots with annuals and ferns. Notice the front door and what was used instead of a wreath this spring. This is a great DIY anytime of the year. Here, they chose a rabbit for the spring season, but you could draw and color in whatever theme fit your current season. Gather a framed chalkboard and some colorful chalk or sidewalk chalk. Make a simple outline and color in. Simple is the key here. Don't get caught up in perfect. Attach to a ribbon and hang.

A vintage tricycle expresses family and heirloom memories.

Is it time to get creative?

Is it time to get creative with your walkways or maybe create a new path in your garden? I saw this one and fell in love with the creativity, colors, angles, edges, design and story. This walkway celebrates life with the sun in the middle and the moon shaped stepping stones on the side. The display of colors and textures give it personality and a sense of beauty and adventure. 

Spring Outdoor Life; Vertical Gardens

We decided to completely refresh our outdoor living space by adding vertical gardens to our usual pots full of flowers and foliage. We've added succulents to our vertical gardens, because they are gorgeous, offer a multitude of textures and color, are low maintenance and need little water. We love the effect! These vertical planters are available in the boutique, so you can get started! Tap the pic to get started!

Why these planters?

Cloth Pots and Vertical Planters create "Air Pruning?" This process is only possible with cloth pots. . When plants' roots come in contact with the fabric, they are forced to penetrate and grow into the breathable fabric, causing the root tips to dehydrate and branch.when root tips meet the air on the outside. This causes "air pruning."  This pruning process forces lateral branching of desired fibrous feeder roots. These fibrous roots are more productive in the uptake of water and nutrients, resulting in a more vigorous and healthy plant that utilizes the entire root for optimum plant growth.Cloth Pots and Vertical Planters give the plants more oxygen which facilitates nutrient uptake.Nutrients are vital to healthy plants. Nutrient absorption will only occur when oxygen is present. So, when you hear someone say the primary reason of oxygenating the root zone is to keep the plant from drowning, that is not necessarily true… It also keeps the plants from starving. Our cloth pots and planters help you keep those roots oxygenated and absorbing lots of nutrition for vigor and health.Cloth Pots are Eco-Friendly and made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.Obviously, using plastic pots not only restricts the oxygen and nutrient flow to your plants, but it creates more plastic waste that may end up in landfills or worse, the ocean floor. Our pots are utilizing plastic bottles that have already been used, and are recycled into a soft, permeable felt-like fabric that can be used over and over again! I use them and just throw them in the washing machine between uses to rid them of any dirt and root tips that may be trapped inside. They come out clean and ready for your next planting! Tap the pics to begin your garden!

Easy to use, light weight, high quality, non-toxic, feels like soft felt. 

Approx size: L 33 in X  W29 in X 2mm thick. 

The pockets are 9 inches W X 7.5 inches deep.

Add Succulents

Whether potted, in our vertical planter, indoor or outdoor, succulents can be found everywhere in garden sections, and offer low maintenance in many colors, textures, shapes and sizes. Little water is required and each one has its own personality. These are just a few samples of our favorites.


This last one called "Mother-in-Laws Tongue" is striking in a pot both indoors and outdoors. Dramatic in color, shape and height it's maintenance free and requires little water. 

Spring Floral Cues

Need a refresh? Just look around at the colors spring offers. Why not go bold in room color or with your accent pieces using the hues of our favorite spring floral bouquet we gathered up for you to see and be inspired.

Think Pink! Combine it with neutrals and browns for a stunning effect!


The purples and lavender hues in spring's wisteria are a serene spring floral color to add to a palette of white, gray or even black in your accents, or use the color for your walls and add accent pieces in white, gray and black. Follow up with a touch of soft yellow and your friends will never want t leave your home! 

Get creative! Look around at what you have to hold the cut stems coming from your spring garden. Experiment. There's very little that doesn't look lovely when it's filled with flowers!


Vintage pieces? Old china, pots, pitchers, cups...there's an array of dishes and accessory pieces that look beautiful filled with a bouquet of flowers.

Rustic pieces? Old pails and watering cans are the perfect companion to accentuate the delicate nature of flowers,  because they don't compete with the beauty of the blooms. 

Spring Fashion Style

I wanted to show you my favorites in our new spring fashion styles, but I just can't decide!!! Here's a glimpse of some of our fastest sellers! All are available in the boutique! There's so much more, so be sure to head over to the boutique SHOP on the menu and look into the collection: Some Of Our Favorites. You'll find a Spin to Win, and you're always guaranteed at least 10% OFF!

I know! Like these Bling Sandals are a must have this spring! Tap the pic to get your bling!

Here's the perfect modal scarf for your new spring bling sandals! It feels like silk and is lightweight and airy! It's like a cloud resting on your shoulders and gorgeous! It's handmade and your shopping cart raises the standard of living for a family in third world poverty by providing math/literacy classes for the maker. Tap the pic and look beautiful-be the change!

In love with these Boho leather sandals! Summer must haves! Tap the pic for some happy feet!

I don't know if it's my southern roots and Texas heritage, but this dress!!! Available in Plus Sizes, set your country girl free in this stylish and chic dress. Tap the pic and get the look!

Close to the ocean at Lemons Plus Life, we believe there's nothing that the ocean and a walk on the beach won't cure! From our exclusive design collection, we offer this Starfish Sheer Wrap! You'll want to get our Starfish Necklace Set to go with it! Everything from our Exclusive Collection is handmade and provides literacy/math classes for the maker; raising the standard of living for a family in third world poverty. Tap the pic if you love starfish!


It's too hard to pick just one! We have a great selection of bracelets for spring that express who you are, your faith and passions in life! Great prices for a beautiful you! Tap the pic for the look!

Spring means time for adventure! Fill our new "Saturdays" Tote Bag with everything fun and go some places and do some things you've never done before in life! Tap pic for tote love!

Are you ready to refresh your life this spring?

On of the best things we can do in any season to refresh our life is to start a journal. Record insights and reflections from the day. Record your prayer life or things you might want to remember from your daily devotions or Bible study. Write quotes or famous phrases in it that speak into your life in that moment. Record your poetry, song lyrics or other moments of creativity. Make notes as you read in a book of things you want to remember. As the days and months pass, you'll have something to look back through to see how you've grown, how far you've come on your journey and celebrate triumphs. I have a beautiful new leather journal for you to begin recording your reflections that features the Tree of Life. Tap the pics to start your journal!

What's At The Top Of The Spring To Do List ?

Get outside! Discover something new. Go for a drive. Take an unplanned trip. It's spring! The season to travel new pathways and celebrate life's surprises!

 Happy Springtime Wanderlust! Enjoy browsing the "Some of Our Favorites" Collection below! Sure to turn up your spring glow!