Beautiful From The Inside Out

Living Sunny

Living Summer Sunny

Summer arrived. And everything turned a summer yellow like the first sip of fresh lemonade! There's not a more sunny color than yellow, and I'm having my first summer romance about this sunny yellow porch that absolutely glows with a warm welcome!

I've been thinking GARDEN inside and outside! It's summertime! From tulip buds to sunflower blooms, fresh flowers are a must! Use a clear vase to allow the beauty and color of the blooms to take center stage as well as the artistry of the stems are visible through the clear glass. Every vignette you create needs both color and texture, and this tabletop vignette has it all! From the basket weave, to the water in the vase, the curve and delicateness of the tulip buds, rustic raffia and vintage metal...artfully placed together turn on the welcome home charm! 

A walk through this nursery and my heart was set on succulents in summer pots! Easy to care for, they love sun and take very little water. Mix them with some cacti, and you'll have color, texture and gorgeous summer pots that you can sit back and simply enjoy.

Every living space, whether indoor or outdoor, game room or garden, begins with a vision for the style, ambiance and vibe you want to create...all with your signature swag. So, three of these pictures are where I'm at in my gardening. One is the fairy tale vision I have in my mind. Can you tell which one it is? The lower right one of course. Will I accomplish that this summer? In my dreams. But, it's what will keep me picking up the shovel, finding the next great plant, creating walkways, paths, gardening groups and pots, looking for the first bloom and excited about a single brand new leaf. See how important that vision is?


I've got some blooming love going on for this cute gardening tote in the boutique available in different sizes. It's probably going to be my second summer romance.

I've put this pillow from the boutique in my outdoor living space! The crisp black and white goes with everything, and the script on the pillow is perfect for a gardener and for life "No Seed Is Ever Wasted". I plan to stare at it if that packet of wildflower seeds I planted never gets wild or even grows a flower! And the pillow is totally washable. So, it's a win win.

Sunny Outdoor Living

Spending time on some country roads, I found my third summer romance! But who am I kidding. Really I was lost, and made the most of it!

But, I'm still crushing on this porch accented in blue!

Blue has this amazing effect. It says go for a walk in the forest, wade in the creek, come back for a picnic lunch and take a nap. It's one of the best colors to mix with rustic elements, and in this outdoor space it's calm and serene.

This porch ya'll! My fourth summer romance. But remember, I was lost when I found it. Anything might have looked good at that moment. It may be my southern roots, but I don't think a porch is a porch until there's a swing hanging on it! The natural simplicity of all the wood and logs makes you want to hang out here all summer long! This is cabin charm at its best! 

And then I happened upon this front porch and its perfect view! This view was my next summer romance, and I'm still dreaming about it. It reminded me that sometimes we can get so caught up in how to decorate and all the stuff of life, that we can simply miss the view from our own front porch. So, as you read this blog, and all those ideas are coming into your mind, don't get so caught up in it all, that you miss the view. Now, to be honest I was really thirsty at this point and tired of being lost, so it could be dehydration talking. I smiled in my selfie in case I needed to look good on my "gone missing" posters.

I should have been wearing this skirt "Oh, The Places You'll Go" from the boutique! You will not believe the feel of this handmade skirt! Absolutely exquisite. And every purchase of it provides literacy and math classes for the maker. But I can only guarantee that you'll look gorgeous in it, not that it will keep you from getting lost!

I designed this totally washable pillow just to remember the day and it's become my next summer love...even though I'm a truck kind of girl. 

If you get stuck in the design of a vignette in your outdoor living space or even indoors, and you can't figure out what it is that it needs, usually greenery or a plant of some kind will complete the space. Whether in a pot, a vase, large or small, complex or simple...match it to your space in proportions and you'll be surprised at how it is often the "umphhh" you need to finish out a decorating space.

Bring in the Naturals

How could you not want to date a season forever that brings sunshine, warm days and opens her arms to you full of everything natural and fun? I mean, I already don't want summer to ever leave! I mean everrrrrrr! Bring some naturals inside this summer! Here's a fun example. It's just really hard to go wrong with a basket. In fact, it's really difficult to find a "bad" basket. Baskets bring color and texture and can be functional as well. This basket also adds a pattern that brings charm with the sleek white chair and pairs gorgeously with our "Peacock Jewel Feathers" canvas print. It pairs two patterns together with colors that weave in and out of one another with a dynamic pop of turquoise! Turquoise is a vibrant color pop for any season, but especially in both summer and winter.

I took this photograph as I was porch hopping around some vintage country homes and plantations. As I was standing at the edge of the forest, a peacock elegantly strutted out as if walking an early summer runway. I grabbed my camera and took in the view with gratitude.

Sunny Summer Tees For Outdoor Living

This is where my Texas born and raised showed up in the boutique. Don't worry if you're not a Texan. Everyone knows you can't help it. But if you say you don't like Texas BBQ...that's a different story. 

Perfect summer t-shirt for the girl who doesn't even try to look like she has it all together! Add some pearls, and they'll call you: Darlin'.

Pair this one with your favorite cut-offs, capris or jeans, roll down the windows and turn up the music!

You just can't make this stuff up! And you might as well wear what everyone else is thinking!

Lots of Summer Tote Bags in the boutique, but this is one of my favorites!

Make Memories

This summer move making memories to the top of your list. One of the things that summer teaches us is that seasons don't last forever. Every day is precious. Summer breezes turn to Winter freezes in the blink of an eye. Hug your kids until they complain. Have a contest about who can say "I love you" the most in a single day. Make some homemade ice cream. OK. Even I can't do that. Load up the car, roll down the windows and head for your favorite ice cream place. Go barefoot. Eat popsicles! Be yourself. Be grateful. 

Live beautiful from the inside out,