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Invite Spring Into Your Winter Welcome With Color

Inviting Spring Into Your Winter Welcome

While snow may still cover the ground and your welcome space is bathed in neutrals, you can invite spring into your winter welcome by adding color through your decor accents, pillows and florals. Add a single pop of color to a space or add it in a set of three. Notice the three earthy colors featured on the back of this cottage...yellow, green and orange. All colors from nature, like these, are the perfect trio for the beginning of the transition from winter to spring. They make sense in your home because they add a gentle energy and mimic the colors that will gradually appear in spring's hues. 

Sometimes we can try to "fill up all the space". Does that happen on your calendar sometimes...every square-each day-filled completely? It doesn't have to happen with your decor accents. Floral arrangements can add a simple, yet dynamic pop of color to a table or counter. Make yours elegant by leaving blank space in a clear vase when you add 1-3 stems to your vase. Choose a single color accent or more than one. 

Add Dynamic Color

Cobalt Blue Dynamic Color Pop

Gather a bunch of orange and yellow tulips and fill a cobalt blue vase for cheery and warm room ambiance and dynamic effect with the cobalt blue vases! These take center stage as a table centerpiece(s) or counter top accent and put the exclamation mark on the fact that spring is your thing! We also used cobalt blue wine bottles with 1-3 tulip stems per bottle to take the arrangement from charming to chic and sleek. 

Quick New Look Create For Your Bedroom!

Simply add a throw to the end of your bed that compliments your current color scheme, but adds a pop of color that invites springtime living into your relaxing space. Mustard yellows and jewel tones are superb for this time between winter and spring. The pattern in the throw featured in the picture above also offers a pattern to give the room gentle energy and interest.

 Our "Peacock" Throw is vibrant folded at the end of the bed or even spread out over the bed. Another great way to use it- as a quit DIY to liven up your bedroom- Hang it on the wall as a headboard for your bed. It's a jewel deal at $14.99! 

Add color and nostalgic ambiance with floral throw pillows!  I am seriously crushing on my new designs that have just arrived in the boutique with the trending Prairie Style. Reminiscent of simple days on the prairie, their design and colors are nostalgic yet offer  pops of colors with a slight antique ambiance. These throw pillows are 16 X 16 and are totally washable! 

 Sunny Prairie Sunflower Throw Pillow

Pink Chrysanthemum Prairie Throw Pillow

Pink Carnations Prairie Style Throw Pillow

Pink Prairie Peonies with Gray Stripe Throw Pillow

Coffee Time Throw Pillows! Soft and Wrinkle Resistant. Grab your coffee, your favorite book and snuggle in.

It may be a little early to plant flowers, but we can dream, can't we? What does well in colder temps?


All the different kinds of lettuce leaves do well in cold temperatures. Usually available at feed stores in February, plant these in pots on your porch so that they are protected in case of frost and to provide showy colors of green that send out that spring welcome to the season. You'll also get a head start on your healthy eating as these grow fast and continuously produce leaves for your salad pleasures. Additionally, on a porch if the temps drop unexpectedly, you can cover them for a night with garbage bags or sheets. 

Blooming Time

Just remember...perhaps it may look like nothing is happening right now as snow falls and winter chills freeze your energy and initiative. But what if this season is a time of preparation? What if the things you choose to do now will prepare you for planting "seeds", for growth, and for your season to "bloom" again in your own life's springtime. Because just as the Tulips will find their way out of the darkness, push up through the earth and into the sun to bloom again, so too, will you. Don't give up, my friend.

Time to do a little browsing and get the look! Add color. Add charm. Invite spring.