Beautiful From The Inside Out

Favorite Front Porch View and Welcome Space Charm

Did someone say “Come in in!” Could you enjoy this gracious veranda and vintage welcome on a front porch  rocker sipping some southern, sweet ice tea!? I certainly could! 

One of the things to be planning for the spring season is a porch swing or other kinds of comfy, charming outdoor furniture to refresh, expand, create or re-do your outdoor living space. Most companies are running great sales right now! So, it’s the perfect opportunity to get ahead, so that your outdoor living space is ready at the first hint of spring’s awakening! 

It’s also a fabulous time to take a look at your front door. I love the pastel hue of the one on this welcoming entry. Simply changing the color of your front door, can transform the front of your home...whether a pastel hue or bold color. Why not be daring and experiment!  It’s only a door. One flat surface to repaint if you aren’t happy. Going bold on this featured front door, black would be a traditional color that always works well, and would have popped on this home. A bold hue in a richer color tone would be a dark purple, and you could also try lavender as a pastel hue. Changing your front door color gives your outdoor welcome a quick refresh and an inexpensive update!

I wanted to share with you the quiet, nature inspired boldness of pairing green and purple together. These plaid valances are leaving me in a wow! And the ivy freehand over the milkwork adds to a light and airy vibe to any room. 

Every color has its own hue of cozy, and purple never fails! 

The two most  endearing patterns to use? Stripes and florals. If you are wanting to add both the charm and cozy factor, add a touch of floral and a touch of stripes. Here, I am featuring it in purple and yellow, but you pick the color combo that best tells your desired mood in a room and your story.These are available in the boutique.


These glass decorative trays are the perfect accent piece for a room. I love the way the light touches them, and the colors glow and change with the light...a little differently each time. Perfect  for jewelry or trinkets, to hold your perfume and lotion, as a serving piece or to solo on its own as your table centerpiece!

It’s time to add some fresh greenery with florals. Whether a simple vase  of flowers or wall art as creative and complex as this one featured, fresh greenery and florals leave a garden inspired presence in the room and an aroma of charm.

There’s also a simple abundance in adding yellow and/or purple stems to these vintage wall art hanging vases that are new arrivals in the boutique. 

Remember less is often best...especially when it comes to chic vintage style. Here, add a single stem, or two or three.

Let your creativity bloom in color...maybe even purple and yellow. And what if today, you gather a bouquet of this:

Plan to bloom, my friend! Do something about your growth. You are too precious to not become all you are meant to be.

Bring your story alive in your home with 1-3 pops of color that express you. Take a look at your front door. What colors arise in your mind. And don’t forget to check all the outdoor living sales, so that you are ready to flourish outside in spring breezes! 

And remember, just because you don’t have all the answers, doesn’t mean you aren’t going the right direction! 

Live Beautiful. Inside Out.

Nan xoxo