Beautiful From The Inside Out

Creating Your Welcome Home

What Will Your Welcome Look Like?

Whether you have a porch or not, there’s always a front door. And what to do with it? What’s your “welcome” style?

I seem to always be watching for a favorite front porch and discovering the many ways we welcome people into our home. From front porch, to front door. 

This is one of my favorites. It just inspires you to run home and do something brand new on your own front porch or door! 

Over the years I’ve  hung wreaths, flower baskets and lots of different things. I wanted to share with you one of my very favorite front door DIY EASY projects! Here’s the fall version:

Start with an old rake...just the end. Pictured here are a few silk vines with berries woven through the rake prods, and for that fall burst of color, Bittersweet is added. All in freestyle. As if it just happened there. No glue or attachment is necessary. You let the rake prods hold it all in place. Tie some raffia, rope or ribbon around the vase, and you have a chic and natural welcome for your front door. 

Use it all year by simply changing out the colors and/or florals and vines you add to it. 

In the spring, add Forsythia stems...whether real or silk. They are a long stem, whispy, free flowing floral, and will work great in this door welcome for a natural style “Hello!” Yellow is a color that pops, so you’ve added instant charm and curb appeal to your welcome home with this floral. Just weave them into the rake’s prods as you did before. 

You may want to add flowers or foliage that last season to season. Magnolia stems and florals are a perfect choice!

Whether you use fresh or silk, magnolia stems match  any style, color and season, so they are a great choice! Whatever floral, foliage or vines you decide to use, be sure it doesn’t look “fixed.” You want a natural, free look, so avoid any symmetry or trying to match up sides. Let it reflect the many ways in which nature and flower gardens flow into space, untamed and generous.

When you come home, or guests walk through your front door, the first thing our senses take in is the fragrance. What fragrance makes you feel a sense of home? You may vary it from season to season, but I am featuring our “Mulled Cider” Candle, from the boutique, in this blog. It’s such a simple, abundant fragrance of cozy, family, and quiet moments- all coming to life when it’s lit. 

 Your “welcome style” welcomes home not just your guests, but you-and your family. I always encourage clients to think about what makes them feel on top of life, unstressed, empowered, and at peace when they walk into their home...through their front door. What will make it feel like home...your haven, sanctuary or oasis?

Featured here is a throw pillow from the boutique. I wanted you to see the uncluttered, crisp and serene power of using white in your decor. If you want to create a room, corner, bench or bed that lends an instant, soul soothing quality, looks uncluttered, and clean-this is the color to add. I have a collection in the boutique “Relaxing. Airy. Refreshing. Home.” Everything we design for that collection is meant to bring that crisp, uncluttered and serene charm to your home with touches of inspiration added to each product. What helps you “breathe?”


I would also encourage you to stand just inside your front door. Where do your eyes land first? What feeling does it give to you? Do you like it? If not, change it now. After you breathe in your home’s fragrance, where your eyes land first, will play a part in your welcome home everyday and the mood it sets for you. 

Do you need for your eyes to land on something serene and quiet, like this art canvas from the boutique, or something bright with energy?

Like this fall foliage arrangement, rising from a clear vase, bursting with seasonal color and energy. Your eyes take it in first. It’s the exclamation accent for the room.

Or perhaps you need something more in the middle. Soft accents in color and simple design, like these throw pillows from the boutique. There’s an ambiance of comfort and coziness that comes with an intentional grouping of throw pillows, when your eyes travel to a sofa, bench or gathering area first. 

Sometimes we place a table in our entryway. If you have one, what’s the first thing you see there? Why not make it inspire you, like our exclusive art prints in the boutique?

Or a wooden or glass decorative tray to drop your keys on, that expresses your story and reminds you of all your gifts in life?

It’s time for you to go find that old rake, gather your flowers, stems or vines, and create your front door welcome. I’d love to see what you create. Tag us on Instagram @lemonspluslife. 

Then, stand just inside your front door. Breathe it in. Then pick out one of our candles from the boutique to bring a fresh, new fragrance into your home.

Last, for this blog, where do your eyes land first when you walk into your home? Make it your top priority for that spot to be just what you need, to set the mood you want to feel, when you come into your own welcome home. See something you liked here? Get it today! It’s FREE shipping fast! Browse the boutique for what creates your unique welcome! I’m so thrilled we shared this time today! 

You mean the world to us! Thank you, friend!

From me. To you. Xoxo