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Create Your Thanksgiving Door Basket

Hello, friend! 

As Halloween comes and goes, you may want to dress your door with something new for Thanksgiving! 

Here’s a step by step using fall florals, but you can apply these principles anytime of the year! 

When you are creating florals for outside, don’t think expensive. Think about colors and stylings that will pop from the curb. 

There are so many “welcomes” for your front door besides using wreaths. Today, we’re going to use a basket. I picked it up at a flea market. Things like this are usually easy to find. You just need a flat back on whatever hosts your Thanksgiving florals. 

You’ll find some great baskets for this in the boutique!  You can use it for every season, and it’s so worth the investment! Wind and weather don’t bother these, as they do a wreath. And they are such a fresh, natural welcome piece. Using a basket also means you don’t have to have a lot of crafty experience or talent. You can almost drop a handful of whatever you’ve collected for the season, into the basket, and do very little arranging! 

Let’s get started! 

This is the autumn gathering I collected for my basket. A mix of slender blooming stems, stems with pods, Cattails, and Sunflowers. All the fall colors, and I didn’t put anything in my basket to arrange them upon. I literally dropped them in. But you could use floral foam as necessary for your basket. 

For this style arranging, you need taller stems, medium stems, and shorter stems. Vertical style blooms, something in between like the pods I used, and then a spreading style-like a Sunflower bloom. 

I dropped my tallest stems into the left hand corner. This is a fan shaped style, that makes an arrangement look fresh and carefree-without looking so “fixed.” It mimics the way in which wind blows tall stems in nature. So, we are going from left to right, with our top height on the left, going to our lowest height on the far left. Tallest first, on the left:

Next, add the medium height as filler for the middle of the basket and over to the left. 

Then add a group of Sunflowers that come on one stem. That’s all you need. Sunflowers can quickly take center stage, so you only need this stem of several. They bend well, so you can drop them over the basket, in order to get that over-flowing look that reminds us of bountiful at Thanksgiving. Use these same principles in other seasons, just different colors and flowers or stems. 

After that, add your medium flowers behind those front, drooping Sunflowers. I added the orange Cattails to bring in the color orange. They also create a nice vertical behind the Sunflowers. 

I also placed them extending out from the far right. 

Next, I added seed pods in red. 

And then I added them, in purple, on the left. 

I added a burlap bow, tied loosely, to top off the left side, and anchor it slightly. 

Here it is. Now, remember, you can apply all these principles, and use the same basket for every season. You want to end up with a carefree, natural, look that slightly mimics the way the wind blows stems, and causes them to lean over. 

Head on over to the boutique for your basket, and tag me on Instagram with what you create! I can’t wait to see it! 

Here’s a thought for today:

Happy Golden Moments as November arrives! 

From me. To you. Xoxo