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Add a Hint of Spring With Floral Touches & February Pillow Talk

Add a Hint of Spring

Time to add a hint of spring with some fresh spring flowers. They give a nod to sleepy winter, and then light up a room with their curves and colors.

I'm gathering up Hyacinths for my table featured arrangements.The aroma of Hyacinths is absolutely divine, and they look simple and elegant as your table centerpiece(s). Usually available at any grocery floral dept., the blooms last 1-2 weeks and then later in the season you can plant them in your outside garden. Even after the blooms are gone and the greenery seems to have died, you can plant the bulbs once the weather permits. Choose from white, pink or lavender to dress up your table in simple beauty and heavenly fragrance.

Whether dried, fresh or artificial, I love to drop bundles of flowers into a simple jar. I can't say enough about Lavender. The fragrance is know for its calming nature and ability to help one sleep. Nostalgic of a vintage era, it's a gorgeous natural statement in any room.

Breathe in our Lavender Bundles in the boutique, and gather them up for simple beauty and serene fragrance today.

Let your welcome BLOOM with tulips! We've featured yellow here in our vignette...because it's our favorite color. Choose your favorite color to be your hint of spring color pop to put your exclamation mark on those gray winter days. Tulips are usually available in grocery floral departments this time of the year. 

Add some color dazzle by placing your tulips in cobalt blue vases. We've also used blue wine bottles for a more elegant effect of just 1-3 tulip stems.

We fall in love again and again with Pansies each year! They love cold weather! Dependent upon where you live, you may be approaching the time to buy and plant these floral jewels in containers on your porch. For curbside impact choose yellow, blue or a mix of the two. For close up dazzle, choose a single color or a mix like we've featured in this photograph. 

A quick and easy way to dazzle up your bedroom in an instant. Add a throw to the end of your bed. Go bold with a color that's grabbed your attention. It's not forever, and you can change it out periodically or with each season to feel like you have a brand new bedroom!

Chiffon Scarves; February Fashion Accent

Our Chiffon Scarves bring the beauty of the garden into your February with the featured color of red. Warm, chic yet light and breezy, check out the boutique for these scarves that will have everyone crushing on them!

February Pillow Talk

Lemons Plus Life says, "You can't have enough decorative throw pillows." Our decorative throw pillows add comfort and relaxation. It's a simple formula when you add one of our decorative throw pillows to your decor. Add charm. Invite friends. Here's some of our favorite new throw pillows that you can find in the boutique.

The Most Important Thing To Remember As January Ends?

Just because you can't see the sun in gray skies, doesn't mean it isn't shining. Just because you can't see the bloom today above the ground, doesn't mean the bulb isn't designing every petal underground. Just because cold days are leaving their exclamation mark today, winter never has the final say. Just as the earth will bloom fresh again in the appointed hour, so shall you, my friend. So shall you. 

Dreaming of Spring,