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The Tree of Life

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Welcome to the new "Grateful Girl" inspiration & lifestyle blog! I am so thrilled to meet you! Let's stay in touch...right here! I'll be sharing inspiration on the blog to help us live beautiful from the inside to the outside. I believe that begins with being grateful...grateful for the wonder that life is and grateful, through Grace, for the challenge it can often be.  

Along with being a southern inspiration & lifestyle blogger, I'm a published author, artist & musician, inspirational speaker & pastor. I love looking at the Bible as a love story, and sharing the stories within it in a way that is relevant to our lives today. I enjoy discovering with others the wonder of life...the awe of it all. So, as you read my blog, think of it as a journey we are taking together, where we discover over and over the beauty of life and the many perspectives of both the joy and the pain. Thank you for being here!

My whole life I've had a love affair with trees. How about you? Do you look for shade or watch light dance through limbs and branches? I am in awe of the trees we have in Florida who stretch their mighty limbs like arms and fingers sharing stories of time, yet wrapping up living creatures, from small to large, winged and legged in their shady shelter. The draping moss always lends a fairy tale wisp of whimsy to each tree and sings of southern summer days. 

I walk past this tree every day. For a long time I struggled with the words to describe it. I haven't been able to capture a photograph that truly displays its majestic aura. Standing under it so many times, I've reflected about my love for trees and wondered from where it might have arrived so green and glorious in my soul. 

And then, just yesterday, after walking past it, I opened my devotional and this verse from Proverbs found me, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick; but a longing fulfilled is the tree of life." Wow! Deeper than the words, I always stand amazed when something placed in my path connects with a specific Word from God's Love Story. 

Then I remembered that I had placed in the Lemons Plus Life Boutique a leather bound journal featuring "The Tree of Life". I design or curate products for the boutique specifically for living beautiful from the inside out and lighting up our glow. But I had know idea this experience was in front of me when I chose that product.

Coming from Italy there is an ancient myth about the Tree of Life in which we are all part of it...bits of bark from it...each of us a piece of that bark. And on the under side of each of our pieces of bark, there is a word-specific to the soul inside of each of us. What do you think your word might be? Thinking of the Proverbs verse, what longing does your soul have that needs to be fulfilled? What word would you give to that longing?

Isn't it amazing how all those many pieces of bark that make up a tree, each of us holding our own soulful piece, become one, in unity, on a tree of life? I wonder if rather than our own independent journeys, when we share our journeys and share together in the longings of our soul and the pathway to fulfillment, that it's the "togetherness" part of the journey in which we discover the tree of life as we are then made one in Hope. 

Take a walk today. Perhaps you'll see a tree. Or maybe it will be a flower or a sunset. Whatever it is, let it awaken you.

Be Grateful,