Beautiful From The Inside Out

The One and Only You in 2019

Hello friend,

I know you’ve heard it before, but there really is only one YOU! Have you ever gotten caught up in what others think, maybe even pleasing others, to the extent that you begin to lose, or lose, yourself? Or perhaps you’ve stayed in a situation, relationship or job that you have outgrown, because it would be too upsetting to leave, too hard to step out into new, or the opinions of others weigh you down so much that you get stuck in “places” and circumstances as if there is an anchor tied to both feet. 

I wonder if sometimes pleasing others can become more important than our true purpose.  When I think of life as a metaphor in music,  I wonder if sometimes we get so caught up in whether or not others are singing along, that we stop making our own kind of music. And eventually wonder why the music inside of us fades. 

What might your life, and my life, look like this year if we decided to “make our own kind of music.” Regardless of who agrees, likes it, follows along, knows the words or understands our “song.” 

I’m ready. Are you? I think I shall sing loudly too. 

Maje your own kind of music,

Grateful Girl xoxo