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Overcome Fear

Overcoming Fear

Something profound happens when you step forward into what you most fear, and with each step, its hold on you is dispersed. Trust is always a metaphysical action.

I created these photographs after a Mt. Rainier climb last year. Nature always inspires me, but that mountain has taught me so much in life. I wondered about the meaning of the photos, and I never seemed to be able to even create a title for them...until I came across this today in my gratitude moment:

"If you can't cross over alive, how can you cross when you're dead?" Kabir

I wonder if it is the stepping out in trust-into your fear-opening yourself to new perspectives, risks and possibilities, that you find a bridge that was there all just couldn't see it until you stepped out. And perhaps new possibilities, new life and healing are on the other side of that bridge.

Here's a little something to repeat when it's time to confront the fear and step forward: "Step into fear and the bridge will appear." There's power in words said aloud, so that makes it not be a cheesy kind of thing!

Is it time to step out in trust? Others have gone before you. The Israelites, escaping from Egypt with Pharaoh hot on their trail, had to step out onto the bottom of the Red Sea trusting that as they walked across it, God would hold the waters back. Later on, before God would hold back the waters of the Jordan River for the Israelites to cross, the priests had to first step into the raging waters, and then the river was held back on both sides until every Israelite crossed on dry ground to the other side.

Doesn't every new thing in life begin with a first step? Don't new possibilities, healing and that "something better" always come with a risk?

When fear takes control, it parades around like its taking you somewhere, when really it only holds you itself. Fear's destination is always to "nowhere."

When trust takes control, it encourages you to take that first step, and not only does a bridge appear that you didn't see in the first place, but trust leads your eyes to the other side so that your focus is no longer looking down at your feet and at a chasm filled with raging waters of the unknown and chaos. Trust fixes your eyes on the other side of things hoped for, of vision and dreams, of possibilities and miracles.

Beyond your fear. Life is waiting. Take fear out of your story.

Trust. Be brave. You've barely tapped into your potential!


Live grateful,