Beautiful From The Inside Out

Celebrate Even When You Don’t Have a Reason

Dear friend,

It may be hard to remember sometimes, but every day is s gift...whether it feels like it or not. 

What if we celebrate every day, like it’s our birthday! I don’t know what that might look like for you, but here’s some thoughts!

Perhaps you step out your front door and decide to look at everything as if it’s for the first time! Just like the day you were born! Or maybe those petty little things that would normally bother you during the day just don’t...all because you are celebrating your birthday-and that makes those petty things not worth your time. Perhaps it means you remember how you were held the day you were born...and are still “held” by someone’s love...even today. Maybe it means you carve out some “you” time, even if it’s only 5 minutes to re-connect yourself to what is life-giving to you. 

Above all, let it be a reminder, everyday, that you have value. You are precious in this world. There’s not another person like you. So, love yourself. With all your imperfections, and all you hope to become! 

The better we love ourselves, the better we can love others. 

Happy today birthday!

Grateful Girl xoxo

Nan Riddle